This unique cosmetic tattoo service is tailored to each individual client to achieve their desired look. I map each individuals brows given their face shape and look then I go over which brow procedure will best fit them. I want all of my work to look as natural as possible and sometimes what you may want is not what will be best for your skin and/or desired look. I require a deposit prior to booking ALL PMU appointments. Please note that some PMU appointments require a follow up session.

I break down all of my BrowTribe® services as follows:


Nano is a form of hairstroke cosmetic tattooing that is performed with a with a machine and a single needle. This creates each individual hairstroke unlike microblading which uses a handtool and blade. Each individual hairstroke is created by tiny microdots that form these super crisp & realostic hairstrokes. With microblading, hairstrokes are made by a grouping of needles forming a blade that create small cuts in the skin.

Brows created with a machine cause less trauma to the skin given that a tiny single needle is used. When there is less trauma (less damage) to the skin, you have better healed results which also means longer lasting results.

Also, Nano Brows require more technical training & skill and allows for more realistic design options.

Blakeley Shea is the ONLY PMU artist in the Charlotte area doing Nano work and only very few are skilled in NANO hair strokes throughout the US.



Powder brows are meant to create a powder look much like a topical powder make up. They are not for creating hair strokes and is suitable for clients that want a more solid looking brow or have brows but want a soft base color. This technique is acceptable for all skin types.


This innovative technique combines machine shading with machine nano hair strokes throughout the brow to create a multidimensional looking brow. Hybrid brows are a great choice for clients that are used to filling in their eyebrows most days with makeup. this technique is acceptable on all skin types.


This technique combines hair strokes in the bulb of the brow and powder technique throughout the rest of the brow giving a more solid looking brow with a soft base with a hint of natural strokes in the bulb (front of the brow).


The procedure is performed using a machine, in a very similar fashion to how your original tattoo or permanent makeup was first applied. the layers of the skin are abraded and a natural saline solution is applied to the opened area. the process will create a controlled scab that allows the pigments to surface as a reaction to the saline and will exfoliate away in the weeks to come. it is a safer alternative to laser removal treatments which push the pigment deeper into the skin for the lymphatic system to remove, the long term results which are unknown. it is also safer than laser, especially for darker skin types, which lessens the risk of scars, blisters, and hypo or hyper pigmentation.


  • When a laser is used for removal, all of the removed ink is absorbed into the body. with saline removal, most of the ink is lifted up through the surface of the skin and expelled.
  • Each laser machine only emits certain wavelengths of light, which means that certain machines can only break up specific colors of ink. Saline removal is not color specific – it works on all colors.
  • When utilizing saline technique for brow pigment removal, you can ensure your brows won’t turn black, which laser has the potential to do. your brow hair will also remain intact. laser tattoo removal often eliminates the hair on your brows and it may or may not ever grow back.
  • Buyer beware of “unlimited” laser removal packages; there is a reason for this. laser removal tends to be an arduous process, taking a number of treatments, thereby increasing risk of molecular change and scarring to the area. saline removal tends to be far more efficient in amount of ink removal per session, thereby less damage to the skin overall.